On Turning 24

When you used to live for burlesque, but now you’ve put on weight and your body is covered in scars.

When you found a job that you love, but nowadays you struggle to smile.

When you think you’ve found your soulmate, but they don’t.

When you’re in your darkest hour and need a friend, but your best-friend walks away.


About to finish my degree, my dream that I chased even though I was never wholly supported.

About to go travelling again, even though my anxiety keeps telling me to stay home.

About to find a career-path, even though bar-work is the only thing I’ve really owned.

About to see top female idols on tour, there for me when literally no-one else was.


I have been burlesque Vixen-Queen 2014-15 and helped so many girls.

I have always poured myself into my job role and made other people smile.

I have had the greatest two years and discovered myself and the depths of someone else.

I have an amazing friendship group that love me for who I am – flaws and all.

I have excelled in my degree and will continue my work afterwards.

I have so much more to see and can fight against my demons.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work and will bring my enthusiasm to whatever is next in store.

I have my music to thank for me being here today and hope that one day I will become my own female idol.

3 thoughts on “On Turning 24

      1. It’s so cool! I think writing letters to ourselves is so powerful. I’ve been doing that lately. I put one on here called Dear, Sean 🙂

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