Don’t Mix Your Spirits

Gin and Rum are sat on the shelf next to each other, looking over the restaurant.

“Oh Rum, but what am I without Tonic?”

Gin takes a tumble and, luckily, Rum’s Kraken-handles are there to support her body.

“Stop your weeping. Help me get some Coke will you?”


“Just take a look at yourself and ask: is that really what you want?”

“Ask yourself the same question. That Tonic guy is a prick.”

Gin rolled her eyes, Rum had a habit of often being over-cocky.

“Coke won’t help you, you know. It may make you woke, but it’s no breakthrough.”


“I’m sick of patterns and following rules and watching my language from being fucking blue,

I need someone to enhance my spirit, anything will do.”

“You’re lucky, Rum. You can go with anyone, it doesn’t matter who:

Ginger beer, Coke, lime, anything will work and make you brand new.”

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