My Top (2018)

Favourite Moments:

  1. Seeing Katy Perry perform ‘By the Grace of God’ live.
  2. Re-uniting with an old friend.
  3. Forcing my buddies to watch ‘School of Rock’ 100 times and singing along – loudly.
  4. Staging a ‘Coalville’ argument in the middle of Revs with a friend.
  5. Working ‘private-hire/party’ events at GL.
  6. Getting good feedback on my dissertation so far.
  7. Looking like a total twat with my sister when we saw Taylor Swift live.
  8. Running around Berlin.
  9. The night my friend and I went clubbing and no-one was dancing. So, we got everyone up and danced all together.
  10. Getting recommended to group-therapy in Leicester.
  11. The Escape Room for my birthday: getting out so fast that we made it to the leaderboard.
  12. Creative control over GL social media and drinks – being so trusted and respected by my workplace tbh…
  13. A couple of GL-regulars coming in with gifts for me.
  14. DJs playing Basement Jaxx ‘Romeo’ for me on nights out, when I haven’t even asked.


Worst Moments:

  1. Overdosing and ending up in hospital again.
  2. Finding out that I’m lactose-intolerant, and now having cheese as my enemy…
  3. Being sent home from work for crying about a boy.
  4. Having to stop a guy form robbing the till at GL.
  5. Seeing a guy do heroin on the train-tracks, in Berlin.
  6. OMG that tummy-bug that went around, in Winter.
  7. Falling out with my sister.
  8. Falling out with my cousin.
  9. Not being able to go on holiday with my friends.
  10. Writing my dissertation.
  11. Being sexually assaulted by a taxi driver.
  12. Coping with my BPD.
  13. Missing Parklife because I had a panic attack.
  14. Having a hairdresser royally destroy my hair.
  15. My bike’s broken.


To Summarise:

       The majority of my ‘good’ moments seem to be work-related, which is great. I love my job and really do try to throw myself in to it the best I can. I guess that I should try not to take it for granted and show my appreciation more, going forward. Also, I’m clearly a sociable person and thrive off social interactions. I should use this to my advantage more.

      The majority of my ‘bad’ moments are me being in situations that are out of my control. Having BPD makes me extremely anxious when I’m put in a situation with little or no control, so this makes total sense. My real issue is my relationship with my disorder. So, my focus for the rest of the year is to learn how to live with myself. I could look into starting one-on-one therapy again, to learn coping strategies.

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